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A Healthcare Assistant is essential to the daily running of hospitals, care homes and residential units. They are responsible for assisting patients/clients with their personal and daily care and safety i.e. help with eating, dressing, washing, toileting and safe moving and handling. Healthcare assistants’ aid with housekeeping duties essential to patient care such as changing bed linen and adherence to safe infection, prevention and control practices.

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A senior care assistant is essential to the daily running of residential homes. They are responsible for assisting patients with their personal care and safety i.e. help with eating, dressing, washing, toileting and safe moving and handling. Senior care assistants work closely with the patients’ family, GP, community nurses and members of the multi-disciplinary team to provide exceptional standards of care. In addition, they administer and handle residents’ medication in line with the Company’s policy and procedures, ensuring strict adherence to the legislative requirements and pharmaceutical guidelines.

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The role of a nurse is diverse but demanding. A nurse is responsible for the care of patients experiencing a variety of health conditions, from minor ailments to long-term sickness and disease. They carry out assessments, evaluations and implement care plans that are tailored to the needs of each individual patient. As well as assessments and care plans, nurses are responsible for prepping patients for surgery, administering relevant drugs, injections and IVs, and monitoring vitals. It is extremely important for nurses to promote good health, to educate individuals on their wellbeing and provide additional support where needed.

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The role of the HCPC Registered Paramedic is varied, demanding and evolving. They are regularly one of the first healthcare professionals to arrive at any scene of an accident or medical emergency. They are responsible for managing the treatment, care and (where necessary) movement of patients to hospital without unnecessary delay. This often requires making potentially life-saving decisions. Paramedics are required to work closely with other colleagues, healthcare professionals and emergency services. This can include the assessment and decision-making required for patients to be referred to another appropriate pathway. They are therefore required to be highly trained and skilled in all aspects of pre-hospital and out-of-hospital care ranging from crush injuries to cardiac arrest. They need to be quick thinking and decisive, whilst at the same time provide a calm and reassuring environment for patients and relatives.

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